Goal-Post 2

Goal-Post: Victorian Football Vol 2

Edited by Paul Brown
Paperback, ISBN 9780956227065

“Beautifully written material” – When Saturday Comes

Goal-Post is the acclaimed anthology of Victorian football writing. This second volume collects more remarkable pieces of 19th century journalism, and provides rare insight into the birth and development of the world’s favourite game.


Our Winter Pastime by C.B. Fry, 1895
How to Form a Football Club, And How to Ensure Its Success by T. Murray Forde, 1880
Trials and Troubles of a Football Secretary by Anonymous, 1893
The Early History of the Football Association by R. G. Graham, 1899
Footballs and Football Boots by Quinbus Flestrin, 1893
The Football Trains by I. C. I., 1886
Wanderers v. Royal Engineers, Association Challenge Cup Final Tie, 1872
Has No Equal in England, An Hour with Mr. Ernest Needham by Tom H. Fowler, 1899
Match by Women in Edinburgh, Scotland v. England, 1881
Out on a Football Tour by An Old “England” Man, 1892
The Association Game by Montague Shearman, 1887
A Little Game of Football by Canicula, 1864
An Old Football Annual by Alfred Davis, 1892
Novel Football Match, Sheffield Players against Zulus, 1879
Is Football Dangerous and Demoralising? An Interview with Mr. N. L. Jackson, 1889
The New Football Mania by Charles Edwards, 1892
Blackburn Olympic v. Old Etonians, Association Challenge Cup Final Tie, 1883
Trials of a Modern Football Referee, An Interview with Mr. J. B. Brodie, 1895
Clubbery in Various Forms by Anonymous, 1872
Football Match at Bramall Lane, Sheffield v. Hallam, 1862
An Elephantine Football Final by W. M. Duckworth Junr, 1899

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‘Beautifully written material.’ – When Saturday Comes

‘A wonderful journey of discovery’ – Football Book Reviews

‘A brilliant idea, thoughtfully executed.’ – Sports Journalists’ Association

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780956227065
Size: 203x127mm
Pages: 236
Published: 2013
Publisher: Goal-Post, Superelastic
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